Música y Vida

Varied works 

  1. Preludio (Suite BWV 1007 de chello) J. S. BACH 0:37
  2. Grande Ouverture Op.61 M. GIULIANI 0:40
  3. The Fall of Birds Op.18 N. KOSHKIN 1:09
  4. I. India (Libra Sonatina) R. DYENS 1:06
  5. Cádiz (Suite Española Op. 47) I. ALBÉNIZ 4:47

Music and life through time

The aim of this CD is to deepen our knowledge of musical history by bringing together famous composers and musicians from the Renaissance to our time. Making music is silence as mush as sound, from the depths of Baroque we travel to the harmonic simplicity of a classic period which ends in the contemporary dimension.

This album was born and grew in Sebastián Cuenca’s studio [SC Estudio] in the summer of 2012. This is Hugo’s first record work, in his seventh year with the instrument and before beginning higher education. These works you will hear reflect a turning point in his evolution as a musician, they were the basis of his learning, and they are a sample of the beginnings of his career.

Concha Ballester

J.DOWLAND (1563-1626)
     1. Fancy in E

J.S.BACH (1685-1750)
Suite Chello BWV 1007
     2. Prelude

F.SOR (1778-1839)
     3. Étude 8, Op.6
     4. Étude 6, Op.6
     5. Magic Flute (Mozart) Introduction and Variations

M.GIULIANI (1781-1829)
     6. Grande Ouverture Op.61

N.COSTE (1805-1883)
     7. Fancy on a theme from Norma (Bellini)

I.ALBÉNIZ (1860-1909)
Spanish Suite Op.47
     8. Cádiz (Canción)

N.KOSHKIN (1956)
     9. The Fall of Birds Op.18

R.DYENS (1955-2016)
Libra Sonatine
     10. I. India
     11. II. Largo
     12. III. Fuoco

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